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In this blog i want to explain something about statement jewelry. 


What is statement jewelry?

A piece of jewelry that attracts attention. It gives an added value to your outfit. It can be with big stones and bright colors. 

Statement jewelry is also an expression of attitude. 


How to wear your statement jewelry?

Wear your jewelry in a casual way and pimp up your outfit. It's nice to wear a basic outfit and let your jewelry speak for itself. On websites like Pinterest you can find a lot of inspiration on how to wear your jewelry. 


statement jewelry

Pictures from Pinterest.


New collection

Atelier Kollée has also a new collection of statement pieces. Your can find earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Wear them with style. 

 From the left to the right:

1. Metallic bracelet with ocean blue details

2. White Chandelier Earrings 

3. Green and purple statement earrings 

4. Small design earring 


5. Marble elastic bracelet 

6. Blue drop earrings with pink flowers

7. Statement bracelet with neon colors

8. Earrings with neon pink flower 


I hope you feel more comfortable now with wearing your jewelry. Now its time to wear your eye-catching piece and transform your outfit. Please share your outfits with us. use #atelierkollee 

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